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Corona-virus and protecting your mental health !

The worldwide panic of the coronavirus is taking a profound impact on people’s mental health. The uncertainty and constant news regarding the growing numbers of the people affected worldwide is making people relentless, especially those suffering with OCD, anxiety, and depression. In this period of confusion and uproar, how can we protect our mental health? Be careful what you read in the news!

Some of the recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO) are:  Avoid listening to news that might cause you to feel anxious or distressed  Seek information that could help you take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones  Seek updates and information at specific times

There are several false news articles also circulating the internet which are increasing the confusion and causing the people to become more anxious. Videos and tips that are not based on facts, but rather aimed at increasing viewership or click-baiting are being launched every day. The content excess and everyone sharing articles on social media is causing an increased sense of confusion. It is necessary, during this time, to limit your social media scrolling, even if you are at home.

During this free time, you can research on something that you might have always wanted to research on. Rediscover your reading habits, lost due to your busy schedule, or watch a light comedy to divert yourself from reading or thinking about the virus. Maintaining an exercise schedule and doing yoga can help you release the stress build-up and refresh and re-energize your mind.

However, it is important to read from authentic sources to take precautionary measures and stay updated on the situation and what you should do. Allotting a time to do so will help you not to overwhelm yourself with information and at the same time stay adequately informed.

If you feel that you are anxious regarding the situation despite taking these measures, it might be important to seek tele-therapy. If you have been suffering from a mental health condition, be sure to seek adequate measures and therapy for assuring that your mental health issues do not resurface or aggravate.

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