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Depression: A silent battle

Do you ever feel sad for no specific reason and experience apathetic feelings towards life? Well, it may be because of depression. Feeling sad or depressed is a normal state but if it continues for a longer period and causes hindrance in your daily activities then the situation must be serious. You may be going through a major depressive disorder.

A major depressive disorder that also goes by the name clinical depression is a more severe form of depression and it is curable with the help of counseling and medications. If someone experiences the following symptoms for more than two weeks then they can be diagnosed with depression by their physician:

  • Feeling sad or hopelessness

  • Fit of anger

  • Irritability or frustration over slightest matters

  • Loss of interest or pleasure usual activities

  • Disturbance in sleeping pattern

  • Always feeling tired

  • Reduced appetite and weight loss

  • Anxiety

  • Feeling restless or slowed down

  • Feeling worthless or guilty

  • Facing difficulty in thinking, concentrating, and making decisions

  • Frequent thoughts of death or suicide

  • Aches and pain that won’t go away

If you happen to encounter any of the above symptoms and are looking for online counseling for depression in Pakistan then do not stress out yourself anymore, for ReliveNow has got your back. Offering mental healthcare services virtually, ReliveNow has qualified mental health professionals that can help you out through online therapy sessions. You can get in touch with a renowned and experienced psychologist Dr. Salma Siddiqui and seek her help on your problems regarding common mental health issues such as anxiety disorder, eating disorder, adjustment disorder, etc.

Looking after your mental health is very important these days. There are many people who suffer mental health issues and their health declines day by day because they choose not to talk about it and neglect their condition which worsens their life. If you don’t want to end up like others then be cautious of your mental health and observe any changes in your mood, emotions, and behavior, that are unusual and prolonged. Every person should take out time from their busy schedule and practice the following acts to keep your mind healthy and functioning.

1- Take a time out to relax and self-reflect

2- Express your feelings

3- Stay physically active by exercising regularly

4- Keep your brain active through brain-stimulating games and exercises

5- Take a proper and nutritious diet

6- Practice mindful meditation as it reduces depression and anxiety

7- Stay in touch with your friends and family

8- Cut down excessive use of alcohol and drugs

9- Get sufficient sleep

10- Write down your goals and objectives to keep yourself motivated

Declining mental health can affect our lives in many ways. It has adverse side effects on a person’s daily lifestyle, relation with people, school grades or work progress, physical appearance and the list goes on. Here are some early signs that indicate the worsening of mental health:

- changes in sleep pattern

- changes in appetite

- social withdrawal

- losing interest or pleasure in social activities or hobbies

- inability to manage fit of temper

- difficulty in concentrating and thinking or remembering things

- feeling emotionally detached

- recurring headaches or other physical pain

This is where a person is advised to seek a professional’s help if the complications don’t go away after a few days and if they start to intensify. A mental health professional picks out the complications after listening to what the patient has to say and then suggests solutions and coping strategies accordingly.

Nowadays, the extent of online therapy has increased over time. People who are reluctant in attending in-person therapy and feel anxious in explaining their situation face-to-face find online therapy more comfortable and convenient. Online therapy is also useful in other ways such as:

- it omits the geographical barrier: if a person living in a remote area without access to adequate mental health services can connect to expert mental health professionals through the internet and electronic gadgets.

- it saves costs: whether it is the price of transportation, fueling, or the clinic’s rent and bills, it is retained thanks to the virtual therapy sessions.

- it makes the patient feel comfortable: a person who wants to take psychotherapy, but fears the stigma revolving around people with mental health issues, feels confident in consulting a psychologist online where nobody can judge him or pass any remarks.

- anytime, anywhere: from wherever you are, all you have to do is schedule a session with your therapist at the time of your own choice and get your therapy done without any struggle.

- everything is confidential: online therapy guarantees complete security and privacy to the customers. The personal data and information disclosed in therapy remain confidential.

- consistency: when a person has to attend therapy from his home then there is no hindrance in taking therapy frequently. The frequent therapies are fruitful for the patient itself as it allows speedy improvement and recovery.

Bearing in mind the mentioned advantages, if you’re looking forward to online therapies with qualified mental health professionals, then visit ReliveNow and get started.

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