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Do I need a Psychiatrist?

The thought of being recognized by society as someone who has some sort of a mental issue is a worrying and scaring thought for people and being labeled as "mentally unstable" or having a "mental illness" is a negative thing to be heard by another person. Thus, people who do not want to do anything about it face these challenges.

Mental illness is quite common around the world with an estimate stating that nearly a fifth of the population suffers from one of the other mental challenges or a mental disorder. These disorders can be anxiety or depression or disorders of the same frequency that can cause a lot of chemical imbalance in a person's mind.

As for people that going through these mental challenges, they need a therapist to get them through these disorders. A psychiatrist can help a person suffering from such a condition and give them their time and attention as well as necessary treatment in addition to prescribing them required medication to help ease their conditions.


It is not an easy task to ask for help in this matter and even a harder task is to recognize that you require help and your loved ones and showing symptoms that require psychiatric treatment. Personal evaluation is necessary to take a small step towards recovery.

Some of these symptoms can refer to the non-control of emotions for a person, everyone feels sad and angry at one or another time in their life. However, some people will face excessive emotions that they cannot control and cannot manage which is the first indication of requiring the assistance of mental health professional.

Another symptom can be the changes in the sleeping routine of a person where he/she cannot seem to find a good night's sleep or maybe there can be some people that start to sleep excessively or at odd timings, this is a symptom that the person is dealing with a mental disorder.

People that are struggling with the usage of substances are usually the ones that are the most affected by their mental state and they cannot seem to interact with anyone whether it be their family or friends, they often abuse substances to diminish their pain and live short happy moments. If such a person does not contact a psychiatrist immediately, his or her condition can worsen and he or she can be critically affected.

A person that usually does not attend any social event or does not like to be in the presence of any social gathering may be suffering from a case of anxiety or even depression which can ultimately lead to non-control of emotions for that person.

Children can also be affected by these symptoms and not only grown-up, but a symptom that can be found in children is also throwing temper tantrums which can indicate serious behavior or emotional problems from a child. If a child shows excessive signs of these tantrums, the child must be treated with mental health counseling.

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