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Do Not Take Your Mental Health For Granted

Nowadays, talking about mental health is very common among people who understand giving importance to their lives and self-care. Yet, there are still many people who don’t pay heed to the wellness of their mental health. This may be because of the two common factors that are the lack of awareness about mental health and the inadequate mental healthcare facilities in some areas. For those wondering what does this term mean, here’s what the World Health Organization has to say about mental health: “It is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”.

If people realize the role that their mental health plays daily in their lives then there would be no more negligence and people would be more sensitive to the problems they face due to mental health issues. If your mental health is deteriorating, here are some early warning signs you must be facing:

  • altered sleep pattern: excess or less sleep

  • changes in appetite: extreme hunger or not hungry at all

  • constant mood swings: drastic changes in emotions and feelings

  • behavioural changes: unusual or peculiar changes in behaviour

  • social isolation: avoiding social gatherings and loss of interest in social activities

  • giving up: lack of motivation to conduct any daily tasks

  • uncontrollable fear or anxiety

  • struggling to concentrate: facing difficulty in thinking, remembering things or making decisions

  • excessive sensitivity: increased sensitivity to loud noises, sight, touch or smell. Moreover, exposure to a lot of stimulation also has side effects on one’s mental health

  • feeling disconnected: feeling detached from the surrounding or reality

  • substance abuse: increased use of alcohol and drugs to cope with stress and anxiety

These are some of the early signs found in a person suffering from declining mental health. They can be treated earlier before they start to worsen through the help of mental health professionals. Relive Now is a social enterprise that offers mental healthcare services virtually. If you want to seek help from the best psychologist in Karachi, then this is your sign to visit Relive Now’s website and book an online therapy session right away. You can easily get accommodated by highly qualified mental professionals at affordable prices from any corner of the world.

How Does Therapy Help You?

Therapy allows a person to make changes in their lifestyle. It helps them in improving relations with people. A therapist makes the patient reflect on their life, pick out the problems and work on solutions. Other benefits that come with attending a therapy are:

  • it is helpful in treating emotional problems

  • helps to overcome anxiety and negative behaviours

  • helps to develop better understanding of one’s conditions

  • improves and promotes the well-being of mental health

  • makes the patient adapt coping abilities

  • helps to overcomes traumas or disturbing past

How Is Online Therapy Favorable For The People?

Online therapy has a lot to offer to the people who help themselves through it. There are evident benefits of consulting a mental health professional through virtual therapy session such as:

  • it cuts down geographical restriction: you can consult the therapist online from wherever you want without having to travel afar

  • allows better inclusion of behavioural health care and primary healthcare services

  • privacy is maintained: without having to face the fear of stigma, a patient can comfortably attend online therapy

  • it is convenient: there is no struggle of travelling or being stuck in the road which later leads to the cancellation of the appointment

  • consistency: many sit-in therapies are affected by poor weather conditions or unsafe conditions, on the other hand, virtual therapy allows regular and frequent sessions that are helpful for the patient’s recovery

  • flexibility: the patient can book the session at the time that suits them right

  • access to experts: if a certain specialist is not available in a particular area then you can easily connect to them through online therapy

Ways To Keep Your Mental Health Maintained

People should be cautious about their mental health being fit. If it declines then the outcomes can ruin one’s life in many ways. It is advised to take out some time from your hectic life to relax your mind and give it a break. Here are some other ways in through which we can look after our mental health:

  • exercise regularly to stay physically active

  • bond with friends and family

  • develop coping strategies

  • practice meditation to reduce anxiety

  • cut down alcohol or drugs

  • speak up about your feelings and problems

  • eat a nutritious diet

  • get plenty of sleep

  • play brain-stimulating games

  • be realistic and write down your goals

  • seek help when you are in need of it

There is nothing wrong with suffering mental health concerns but it can be bad if a person doesn’t pay attention to their problems and refuses to consult a mental health professional’s help. If you are experiencing any warning sign related to deteriorating mental health then don’t sit back. Contact ReliveNow and get help from a number of qualified mental health professionals.

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