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Does Online Counselling Work?

The act of therapy by talking to a patient or talking therapy or counseling or simply a therapy session is known as Psychotherapy and it is the process of helping people battle with their mental health challenges and to find solutions and improvements in their life and get rid of their mental health disorders.

Online therapies have proven to be the most effective tool in battling these mental health challenges for patients, especially in the current scenario of the world. According to numerous researches, there is little to no difference between patients that practice in-person traditional therapy session as compared to patients that use the online mode of therapy and the most influential factor on the success of these sessions is the mood of the patient while going into a session and the time that is elapsed in between sessions.

It is important to note that the flexible nature of the online mode of therapy has proved to be an ease for patients that are too caught up in their life to go to therapy sessions.

A client testimonial regarding this is:

​"I had no idea that therapy would change my life this much. I'm so grateful to finally have someone who understands me, encourages me, and is there for me."

Before finding the answer to the effectiveness of the online therapy service, it is important to understand what online therapy is actually and how it is different from the traditional method of in-person therapy sessions and the treatment procedure. The biggest difference between the two methods is that the online mode as the name suggests is done via a platform, whether it be email or a mobile phone, or the internet.

  • The difference between the online and traditional modes of therapy is that you do not have to go to a therapist's office.

  • Online therapy uses modern technology like live chat or video sessions or email for the patient's benefit.

  • The online mode of a therapy session, like its counterpart, is HIPPA compliant.

  • There are a lot of comforts like convenience and accessibility with online therapy.

In an online session of therapy, a client simply meets up with his/her therapist using any application for a video call or a live chat session as agreed before between both parties.

The online mode of therapy offers the same benefits as any traditional therapy session would with some added benefits which makes the experience more delightful for the patient. A great benefit of online therapy is for people that suffer from extreme anxiety and have a lot of issues going to a therapist office, they can take this session for the comfortability of their home and don't have to move an inch and for a person that is located far away from the therapist or is occupied in work all the time can take some time at home and go online for a session, online therapy can provide a session of relaxation to every patient and can benefit their mental health greatly.

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