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How to find a Therapist Online: Step’s before you Commit

For many people that are battling mental health challenges, therapy is a great tool to help them work out through the emotional stress or the crippling anxiety or the depression and get their life back together. Mental Health is one of the most heavily neglected and brushed aside topics in Pakistan with a huge number of people in the country facing the challenges of mental health illness, approximately 14 million people are affected by it one way or another. People show mild to severe symptoms and need to be given extensive care, but the majority are not even considered to be treated but if you are willing to get yourself treated, you must first understand what are the basic steps to find a therapist online for your online therapy sessions.

Here we discuss a few of those steps:

Prior Homework is necessary

Researching before your first meeting with your counselor is very important, the patient should know exactly what kind of symptoms he/she has or the issues that he/she has been dealing with in life. It is very important to do your research beforehand because if you feel like you are dealing with a bad case of anxiety, you will consult a therapist that is specialized in that area, or maybe if you have a worse case of depression then you know which therapist to contact. There is a therapist for every kind of mild to high-level symptoms mental health issue, you should know which one to choose.

The time limit of the sessions

In the traditional therapy sessions, the time limit was around 60 to 80 minutes per client, but online counseling and therapy services provides a smooth platform where the session can be carried as per the time limit needed or priorly discussed by the patient and the therapist. So, it is important to understand how much time you need per session from your therapist and subsequently communicate this to your therapist as well.

Ignore gender preference while choosing

For a person that is going to get looked at by a specialized therapist, gender should not be a problem as many therapists may not have the specialization you need and they may belong to the opposite gender so it is better to choose the therapist that is better skilled for your cause.

Here at ReliveNow, we aim to develop such a platform that tries tooth and nail to solve the problem faced by the majority of people in Pakistan and bond with them and create a family-like relationship and help them to get over their mental health issues.

We are a competent team that consists of 25 professional psychologists and psychiatrists that deal with all kinds of mental health challenges.

The process of signing up for your very own online sessions consists of registering with your email and choosing the best possible fit as your online therapist by viewing their portfolios on our website.

After booking an appointment, you can confirm it and start your journey on the way to recovery.

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