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Stop Being Social Media ‘Spectators’

A nice steaming cup of chai, cozying in a warm bed, or endless hours of binge-watching Netflix; isn’t this the picture that pops into your head when you think about a day off from the mundane? We read stories on social media regarding pedophiles, depression, and suicides each day. Yet, our day-off is relaxing in solitude. Sure, let me send some sad reacts at this story, an angry react at that one. The taboo regarding mental illness and professional help for alleviating these problems has worsened trifold because the earlier generation stigmatized talking about the issue, and our generation has desensitized the issue as a whole. From people being hesitant to address their mental health issues because of societal taboos, the scenario has changed completely to the society being nonchalant regarding it. These two extremes have contributed to the issue being stigmatized to a point where it needs immediate attention.

ReliveNow is an enterprise aimed at raising awareness regarding mental health and the importance of addressing this issue. ReliveNow also provides online counselling services for individuals conducted by professional mental health professionals. Founded in 2018, ReliveNow has conducted several awareness campaigns at educational institutions. It has also helped several individuals deal with their mental health issues through online counselling sessions. In 2020, the company is now set on its path of growth that leads towards the elimination of the stigma attached to seeking help regarding psychological issues. It also aims at developing an awareness amongst the people in the society who can help identify the people in need of psychological help and convince them to do so rather than being social media ‘spectators’.

"The idea of losing a loved one is painful. But the idea of losing someone to an illness that we could have contributed to resolving is agonizing. So, share your chai with a friend in trouble, catch up with an old friend to check if they are okay, and binge-watch Netflix with a troubled soul, your idea of a day-off will change when you know how many people around us are suffering from mental illness in silence or how many are willing to talk about their issues, but instead face social media spectators and never get real help.

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