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Mind your Health

In 2019, an event hosted by ReliveNow, had female speakers from different businesses who

emphasized the role of mental health and seeking mental health help for women. Women

globally face many difficulties and issues. Depression is not only the most common women's

mental health problem but may be more persistent in women than men. This shows the plethora of issues that women face. The conference addressed these issues with speakers dealing with these issues on a large scale.

The speakers included:

Jehan Ara

Head of the Nest i/o and a member of the Prime Minister's Task Force on IT and

Telecom and Punjab Board of Investment and Trade.

Saba Khalid

Founder of Aurat Raaj, a Pakistani NGO that focuses on creating awareness regarding female hygiene.

Erum Khan,

MBBS and psychotherapist with 3+ years of experience in the field pf psychotherapy.

Gitanjali Banerjee

Founder of fertility dost, an NGO operating in India regarding infertility counselling and couple support therapy.

The speakers addressed issues of social shunning in case of infertility, lack of awareness and the stigma attached to female menstrual health, and issues faced by women in the workforce. The discussion concluded that women in all spheres of life face difficulties that impact their mental health negatively. There is a dire need to raise awareness regarding seeking mental health help and removing the stigma attached to seeking counselling and therapy. The session was interactive with the audience participating in the conversation and getting their questions answered from the experts.

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