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Online Therapy – The New Normal

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Dealing with everyday chaos, many people are negligent about the well-being of their mental health, which further deteriorates due to two main reasons that are lack of awareness and inadequate mental healthcare facilities. Keeping a track of one’s mental health is necessary in these hard times. Our friends, family, or anyone around us may be suffering from symptoms of mental health disorder, but they may not show it. Therefore it is your duty to check in on your loved ones and yourself too.

Now, the question is raised about how you can identify the problems related to mental health concerns. It all starts from the changes in one’s behavior, moods, and emotions which gradually worsen over time if it is not addressed sooner by a qualified psychologist. Here are some early warning signs of mental health issues that you should be aware of:

  • the noticeable change in behavior, feelings, and thoughts

  • the physical ailment that is caused by psychological factors

  • constant confusion or disorientation

  • struggle in concentrating, learning, and staying focused on work

  • unable to carry out daily activities

  • abuse of alcohol or drugs

  • avoiding friends and social gatherings

  • extreme irritability

  • changes in sleep patterns

  • changes in eating habits along with significant weight loss or gain)

  • a vague feeling to isolate oneself from everyone

  • suicidal thoughts

These are the alarming signs that are an indication to consult a mental health professional right away. However, since the pandemic, people have been bound to stay at homes which has made many patients miss their appointments and therapy sessions. But, not to worry, because now you can hold online therapy sessions with your preferred counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist while sitting at home. Keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the people, many firms offer virtual therapy and mental healthcare services. Likewise, Relive Now is a social enterprise that aims to provide tele mental health services to make a person’s life better and trouble-free. You can get in touch with a skilled mental health professional by visiting Relive Now’s website and booking a session through just one tap. Discuss your issues in Online Therapy and seek the Best Doctor’s Advice instantly.

Importance Of Mental Health

Well-maintained mental health plays a significant role in keeping our lives balanced and in order. Mental health comprises emotional, social, and psychological factors that have an effect on our feelings, emotions, thoughts, and behavior. It regulates our lifestyle, the way we work productively or handle stress, how we cope with challenges, and most importantly it has an impact on our physical appearance. If a person comes across mental health disorders, then their life and surrounding are negatively impacted. The sufferer is led to isolating himself from friends and family and is likely to become hostile if the symptoms are not treated on time. Poor mental health causes the person to lack the ability to do daily activities, work with potential, and ruins relationships with people. Therefore, it is essential to take a psychologist’s help and find a solution to your mental health problems as soon as possible.

How Does Therapy Help?

Professional therapists are meant to identify the problems found in a person who is suffering from mental health disorders. They help the patient through coping strategies and personalized therapies to improve their condition. Therapy helps a person to talk about their issues and express their feelings without experiencing the fear of being judged. Online therapy does the same as an in-person therapy session, the only difference is that the patient feels more comfortable and relaxed while attending a therapy session virtually.

Mental health therapy helps you to:

  • work on changing obstructive behaviors

  • realize your potential and ability to do work

  • build communication skills

  • focus on your personal goals

  • pinpoint triggers and learn how to survive them

  • establish your confidence

  • understand your condition and take notes from it

  • attain control over anger issues

  • rebuild bonds with family and friends

Benefits Of Online Therapy

The evolution of technology has made it possible to conduct online mental health counseling through any means of telecommunication. Being convenient and affordable has made online therapy very popular among people. In the following ways, virtual therapy is helpful for many patients:

  • helps to overcome the locational hindrance: people unable to get facilitated because of insufficient health services in their areas can easily get access to the best mental health professional through the internet.

  • it is cost-effective: attending a therapy session online helps to cut down the extra cost of fuel of the patient who has to travel to their consultant and the rent and bills of a doctor’s clinic are also saved.

  • offers a comfortable environment: a person can take therapy from wherever they want and whenever they wish to. Moreover, the patient attending virtual therapy does not have to fear the stigma associated with people who have mental health issues.

  • free of any struggle: a person taking online therapy is free of any inconvenience of the road or traffic. Also, those who are self-conscious or suffer anxiety in face-to-face therapy find virtual therapy more favorable.

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