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Reasons Why You Need to Opt for Online Therapy

“Life” , what we call, happens to all of us. The emotional baggage and the challenges that come with it are not easy for everyone to cope with, without help. Psychotherapy or counseling can help in aiding this process but the misconceptions and the stigmas around are often why people avoid seeking help in the first place and this couldn’t be more wrong.

If you have never been to a therapist, and are one of those people who think that what good can people get out of talking to a stranger once a week or a month. Guess what turns out, it’s PLENTY! Don't we all feel anxious sometimes and then talk to a friend about it and instantly feel relieved. Yes, it is that easy. I like to think of counseling and therapy services as a mental and emotional wellbeing check. For example, when we feel terminally ill we consult a physician and when we feel physically unhealthy we go to a gym, similarly, when we do not feel best emotionally we go to therapy. Yes, helping people with serious mental issues is one of the benefits of therapy but going to therapy just for the sake to learn, grow and help is a step ahead to a healthier lifestyle. It helps in making a good life even better.

In a world, where everything is moving online from doing daily chores to even birthday parties and zoom weddings. Online Therapy Services have become a thing for quite some time and also it is as effective as in-person therapy.

With everything going virtual, we strongly feel a lack of human interaction. So, no wonder when it comes to counseling and therapy services which is a very intimate experience, we often feel unsure with so many concerns when it comes to online therapy. For many years researchers have endeavored light on the pros and cons of online therapy services, and in many cases, online therapy is not just effective but even preferable sometimes over in-person therapy.

Online Therapy Pakistan through ReliveNow is a savior for so many people around the country. Especially during the lockdown when hospital and medical centers were practically a no-go area, having an online therapy session in the comfort and safety of your home was not only convenient but turns out it got a lot more benefits than we thought.

Comfortable with Native Language:

It is one of the major reasons why people switch to Online therapy services. There are so many Pakistani living around the globe but when they seek a therapist they prefer it online. There are so many challenges of living outside your home country, but doing therapy that is not in the language that you are comfortable with is an entirely different challenge.

Most people prefer therapy in their native language and sometimes they even prefer therapists from their own country so that they are well aware of their culture and reasons why they might be feeling mentally pressured by certain things. Online therapy in Pakistan, has opened doors for the people living abroad so that they feel most comfortable in sharing their feelings and worries.


Whenever you go for in-patient therapy the most thing that therapists have worked on is to make their patients as comfortable as they can. Keeping that in mind, your home is the safest place for your mind, and what place can be comfortable other than your own home. It's familiar, safe, and most of all comfortable. It is important to have an environment in which you can concentrate on your mental wellbeing. So any place in which you feel at ease either it is an outdoor setting or just a spot at your home that you feel comfortable in as long as it has WIFI you are good to go.

Online therapy services are a great option for people who get easily stressed and obnoxious in a new environment or around new people. After an intense therapy session, people are sometimes getting highly sensitive and emotionally fragile, so this might be the best option for the patient who faces this.


Like traditional Counseling and Therapy Service, Online Therapy also follows the rules which value the confidentiality of the patient. All the data and the conversations remain between the therapist and the patient.

Not just that, but online therapy services are more discreet. So many patients do not want others to know about the issues they need help with either be their family or a friend. Due to this the patient feels more comfortable and can be more candid with a higher success rate at the end of each session having covered more ground and more progress in the patient's mental health.

Habit Sustaining:

Consistency is the key to achieve any goal and when it comes to therapy it’s the same. Online sessions are so easy to keep up with as they can be taken anywhere at any time. As the services are so accessible it is easier to make it your habit.

Therapy from home can help avoid so many obstacles like bad traffic, adverse weather, and a busy work schedule that can be a cause to miss a session. Online therapy services increase the likelihood of sustaining the habit and being consistent with the sessions.


In this hustle-bustle of life, it is extremely difficult to manage everything in time. With online therapy services, it is easier to manage time not only for the patient but even for the therapist. Therapists can have more flexibility in their scheduling and it is convenient especially for those who have long working hours or work in different countries, or love traveling a lot. In online therapy, you can schedule your appointment according to your convenience without missing out on any session and getting charged for the rescheduling. It is not only convenient but also a money saver.

Here were a few reasons to seek a virtual therapist for counseling and therapy services. Although it cannot be for everyone, there are many reasons why people seek it. Online therapy in Pakistan is now in full bloom. People are opting for it to learn, to grow, and most importantly, heal.

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