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S.M.A.R.T.E.R Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that many of us has followed since our school days. However, it is seldom that we actually remained resolute on achieving these goals by the end of the year. Some struggle to pray regularly, while some resolute to attain simple behavioral changes like being happier, or more adventurous. goals Mental health well-being goals should be a New Year’s resolution for everyone and we will tell you why. This New Years’ make your personal goals for the year a degree SMARTER than the old-school SMART goals. Here’s how you can make your goals SMARTER this 2020:

Specific Be specific in your goals. If one of your goals this year is to be happy, define how you can achieve that. Maybe by being more grateful for the things you have and welcoming challenges as opportunities to learn, you can be happier and content.

Measurable While goals like being more adventurous looks good on paper or on your social media account as a resolution for the New Year, you might want to define what being more adventurous to you is. It might be working on a business idea, or a project that you have planned since long. Listing your goals in your diary will assure that you remember what you aimed at achieving in the whole year.

Actionable At times, the whole New Year Resolutions tradition gets onto us, making most of us resolute the most unachievable things. One way to perpetuate the first month’s achievement hangover is to jot down these goals at the beginning of your yearly diary or planner and review it every week. If you’re not a planner person, pinning it to your cubicle where you see it every day can help you re-energize yourself on an exhaustive day. Well-defined and actionable goals are said to improve mental wellbeing as they instill a sense of direction and prevent anxiety.

Relevant You might be inspired by many well-known personalities and their resolutions for the year. However, if you do not keep in mind your situation and potential to which you can grow in one year, the goals might not be relevant for you at all. Remember, it is 365 days in which you cannot incorporate every goal that you like. You might be in a position to achieve some of these goals at a later point in your life. You can divide these long-term goals into parts that you can work on each year. It will help you attain the big plans. If you list long-term goals as a one-year resolution, they will give you a sense of hopelessness or underachievement when you review them in the subsequent months. Time-Keyed While it is okay to be overambitious when you are developing a vision, personal as well as professional goals must be realistic and time-keyed. Only then you will convert these resolutions to reality. You might be aiming for a fit body or setting the proposal for a project long forgotten, into motion. However, if you don’t define the time in which you have to achieve it, you might not even begin at it. Set deadlines for yourself and follow them strictly.

Exciting Sure goals need to be relevant and actionable, it definitely does not mean that they cannot be exciting. So dare to make your year memorable and exciting. Because if you don’t, you’ll regret it later when you are reviewing your year. The corporate routine life is necessary, true, but you have to motivate yourself to look forward to the year too! For example, proposing a change in the office social scene. It gets you more at ease with colleagues from other departments and gets the creative juices running.

Risky This added ER to the old-school SMART goals is the key to LIVING your year. Add a little risk to your goals, be ambitious, not only practical. Who knows, where a small risky step could take you. There might be a business opportunity or a new project waiting for you could take up. If you don’t risk anything, you will find yourself making the same goals for the next year as well.

New year is a great time to list down some personal development goals for the year and achieve them. However, it is easy to go with the flow and make goals just for the sake of it, but difficult to actually achieve them so you are not making the same list next year. So let’s get started on making your goals SMARTER!

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