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The Advantages of Online Therapy: What is this mode of Therapy and How to get acquainted with it

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

A sector in the field of psychology that was not given much importance until recently is Online therapy, but the pandemic era brought forth a revolution in the online business and with the arrival of advanced technologies, the care and treatment of people in an online mode have changed many lives for the better. The benefits of such online therapy are the same as the traditional therapy sessions where the patient is examined by a professional and receives all the care and treatment that he/she requires, and the discussion remains confidential. Although the practice of online therapy may not be accepted by everyone and there might be some resistance but here, we share some benefits that can prove to be a catalyst for many to accept this new mode of therapy and try the services of many online therapists in Pakistan has to offer.

What is Online Therapy

According to the traditional way of therapy, both the psychologist and the patient were required to be present in the same room and at the same time and the venue could be any psychological clinic. There would be a prior agreement where both the stakeholders agree to meet at a location that is scheduled mutually. While it is not correct to say that traditional therapy has lost its charm, the online therapy mode has gained more popularity in the general public especially by the outburst of the pandemic era.

With the advent of improved and advanced technology, many household chores can be completed simply with a click of a button like shopping for groceries or paying utility bills, or even ordering food, everything can be completed online. Before the invention of the internet, everything had to be completed physically like ordering food at a restaurant but now, this act can be completed by any food ordering app that can be accessed by any phone or for another example you can now call an Uber to take you anywhere from your home to your destination while previously you had to go to a bus stand and wait for a bus, similarly the methods of psychology have changed drastically and has adopted the technological era.

Nowadays, you don't even have to leave your home to get examined by a psychologist, online therapy can provide you this mental health treatment in an online mode on the internet and it is essentially the same as physical therapy with a minute difference which is that weekly session in the physical mode of therapy lasted around 50 minutes which could be shifted according to a patient's need, however as long as now the patient has a stable internet connection and a working microphone and a camera, the sessions can proceed at the desired length of time.

The Advantages of Online Therapy

Some great benefits arise from online therapy, let us discuss a few:

Saving Valuable Time

People that have used the traditional mode of therapy can all agree on one thing, that traveling on the road going to and coming from the psychologist's office cost them a lot of time as well as fuel expense. There is a requirement for the patient to be at the exact time in the clinic or the venue before the session starts, so the patient can spend a lot of time in traffic trying to reach on time.

After the session ends, it takes a lot of time to return home as well considering the overall condition of the traffic which causes a lot of stress to the patient who returns home which can result in him/her forgetting what the actual matter was discussed in the therapy session.

The benefit with online therapy is that you do not need to travel long distances and get stuck in traffic anyone, you only need to schedule a session with an online therapist and be available at the given time and that's it, the wonders of the internet can help a lot in therapy sessions as well.

Improved Security

No matter what the country anyone resides in, assaults can happen to anyone and anywhere whether, in a street or a home, the number of people that face assaults in their everyday life of any nature is shockingly quite high, so it is always essential to stay cautious and alert.

An advantage of online therapy is that you take no chances. You are not transparent to any threat or any unnecessary danger by traveling towards your therapist's office. Sessions are normally conducted via a smartphone, and you can be in the comfort of your home.


Like the traditional model of therapy, the online mode also follows the same protocols and procedures which include the confidentiality of a patient's data which falls under the rules of the Federal Council of Psychology. This council values confidentiality of each service which means all the data and the conversations between the patient and the therapist will be safe and secured.

Cost Saving

The online mode of therapy can cause a cut back on many costly kinds of stuff like the gasoline or the commute money in a subway or a taxi because the online therapy can be accessed from home and on mobile it saves a lot of expense.

How to Get Acquainted with Online Therapy

If you are new to online therapy and do not know where to get started, it is not a daunting task. There are many resources available to link you up with the most suitable professional psychologist. You can try online therapy in Pakistan with ReliveNow where you can find the best-licensed therapist and work with them to sort out any mental problems that you may be facing.

Although online therapy is a huge benefit to many people out there, it cannot always be perfect, so it is a must that you do your research and asks the right questions before you proceed to select any online therapy service to keep your mental state healthy and happy.

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