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This Pandemic has Unified us as a Country !

Pandemic. COVID-19. Coronavirus. Quarantine. These are words which many of us might have never even have heard of till before January 2020. However, now, these words are being used in each one of our conversations, be it with a family member, our children, or our friends. Jobs are at stake for people of every background, be it managerial level or house-help. However, one thing is clear, majority of us understand what it means to be there for each other as a nation. While we may be different and divided according to these differences, be it political, social, or religious, this pandemic has brought us together and help the weaker population of the country.

With the schools and markets closed many of the poor population who used to make a living through daily sales are left with no food to eat on their tables. No savings or property to their name like many privileged ones, they are fighting excessive inflation on everyday items such as wheat, sugar, and lentils. Many organizations such as swvl, Orange Tree Foundation, The Paani Project, Musafir Pak, Elaj Trust, Saylani, and Taba Youth Force and many individuals who are collecting and distributing ration to the needy. However, as individuals it is up to us to make sure that we help them in paving out ways to earn money. Make sure that you pay school, transport fees, house-help, driver, gardeners, etc even if you are not availing their services. This is because it may be a few thousand rupees for us, for it puts food on the tables of the underprivileged of our society.

Many people’s mental health is deteriorating too, because of the fear, we understand. But now is the time to be proactive, not reactive. Take online therapy to calm yourself down in this situation or help loved ones such as grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends if they are undergoing stress and anxiety due to the situation.

Spread the word that Relivenow is offering 15-minute counseling sessions free of charge for everyone, students, teachers, employees, and anyone who needs therapy for the current situation. If you are unsure of online therapy yourself, please take it and see the changes. You might be the factor of change for many around you, motivating and spreading positivity all around.

Press coverage for the foundation’s efforts:

Make a donation through their website:

Other ways to donate (including bank transfer and home collection):


Working in collaboration with the government for ration distribution:

Press coverage for the trust’s efforts:

To donate a ration bag to a family, contact any branch or call UAN: +92 111 729526 or +92 3111729 526

If your intent for the donation is zakat, kindly write an email to attaching the receipt of fund transfer.

Bank Details to make a donation:

Donate directly online:


#PakistanVsCorona Ration Drive serving several areas in Karachi

“Our team is personally surveying households on ground. In the first phase, we have already identified nearly 2,000 households in need of assistance in the areas listed above. We are coordinating our efforts with the local government and other NGOs to avoid duplications.”

Alternatively, you can directly donate to:

Account Title: ELAJ TRUST

Bank: Summit Bank

Account Number: 01990526001714110633

IBAN: PK73SUMB9905207140110633

Swift Code: SUMBPKKA

Branch: Dolmen Mall Karachi


(, The Robin Hood Army in Pakistan will conduct a ‘Ration Drive’ before Ramadan to distribute basic foodstuffs among daily wage earners, the unemployed, etc. Orange Tree Foundation is supporting the initiative by providing a channel for international donations (see OTF bank details below). Each bag is worth Rs. 4,088. 3 bags will be required for a family of 5. Orange Tree Foundation bank details: Dubai Islamic Bank, Branch code 025, Sadaqah account 01617172002 and Zakat account 0167172003. Donations can also be made through cash, cheques, and online transfers. Send deposit receipts on or Whatsapp on +92 3000 225519 or +92 3000 22530. Good quality ration bags can also be donated to +92 21 38693111 (Robin Army Helpline in Pakistan) Please inform us if you know of a deserving family:

THE PAANI PROJECT Featured in the LATimes, Parhlo, and USAToday Paani is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2018 in response to the growing water crisis in Pakistan. Led by young professionals and university students, Paani is entirely volunteer based and works to create public health-based impact in Pakistan. In the past year, Paani has raised over $100,000, built over 300 wells in rural parts of Pakistan (both in Sindh and in KPK), worked to send $500,000 in medical equipment to hospitals in Pakistan, and are now working to implement sanitation/hygiene-based curriculum in schools. Fundraiser: distributing food to families in rural Sindh and KPK GREEN VOLUNTEERS ( Distribution ration packs among daily wagers. Every ration supports one family and is worth Rs. 2,500 To make a donation, contact: +92 333 528 3256 BONDH E SHAMS ( Collecting donations for their corona relief fund to connect donors across the US, UK & Pakistan with local stakeholders. Bondheshams is registered charity in both the UK and the US To donate: MUSAFIR.PAK Distributing rations among those who need it AND medical kits for doctors in Islamabad, Peshawar, Malakand and Lahore For more information, call +923455177248 Banks: SCB, Meezan Bank, Askari, PayPal, venmo Account Title: Fazale Khaliq Account Number: 01702233801 Find updates on their campaign here: ANJUMAN HAYAT-UL-ISLAM ( Providing ration (including wheat, rice, lentils, sugar, cooking oil, tea) to orphaned children, widows and deserving families that have registered with the organisation. To support, contact: +92 21 34916011 +92 21 34927934 HELPING YOUTH PAKISTAN ( [Not sure if this is a registered organisation, but we couldn’t find a lot of well-organised efforts in Peshawar. Please write to us ( if you know of others] Distributing ration boxes in Peshawar. For more information, contact: +92333-9866655/+92333-9988706 Bank: HBL Account number: 16977900925103 AL BAYAN TRUST ( Distributing ration packs in Lahore For more information, contact: +923349780768 Bank: Standard Chartered Account Title: Mohammad Bin Khalid IBAN: PK 82 SCBL 017 3354 6201 SAAYA ( SAAYA is a non-profit NGO, working in Civil Hospital, Karachi, run by students of Dow Medical College. They are gathering donations to distribution rations and distribute PPEs across major hospitals in Karachi. For queries, help or donations, contact: +92334-3058362, +92342-2739793 Bank Account details for Ration donations: Account title – Susheel Kumar Account no – 00657902058501 IBAN no- PK69HABB0000657902058501 Bank – HBL (JPMC Karachi) TABA YOUTH FORCE ( Distributing ration packs in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi For more information, contact: +923043300823 (Ahmad), +923228667806 (Khalid) , +923061424070 (Usman) Bank: Al Falah Account Title: Naim Un Naseer welfare Trust Account Number: 5522-5000341945 IBAN: PK32ALFH5522005000341945 SALMAN SUFI FOUNDATION ( Distributing ration packs in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. For more information, contact: +923364242463 (Usman Sufi) Bank: HBL Account Title: Shahzeb Naeem Account Number: 50267900213003 IBAN: PK08 HABB 0050267900213003 Campaign advertisement:

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