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Types Of Medical Clinic In Pakistan

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

In Pakistan over the past years, many medical clinics have been established to treat the outpatients. These are either run privately or by the government. In rural areas, where hospital facilities are not available, some clinics serve the people free of cost.

There are various types of clinics that are operated based on one or more specialties.

Specialized Clinics

These clinics are run by an individual or a group of practitioners that take up a particular field of medicine. They are completely trained in any specialty their clinic is based on for instance cardiology, dentistry, ENT, orthopedic and many others. Many hospitals in Pakistan for example Aga Khan University hospital have clinical services which deliver almost the same services as to the inpatients.

General clinics

General clinic provides for all types of needs. It is the most popular type as it includes a wide range of wellness programs. It has several specialized doctors and physicians that take care of the patients as well as a number of healthcare trainers, assistants and even practitioners. Many advanced clinics also support Online Consultation from Doctors so that there might not be a need to visit in person. Every area has two or more clinics with general physicians that have affordable visiting fees. Even so general clinics also provide services for free or very low cost.

Mobile clinics

Two years ago, the latest developments in Pakistan enabled the first mobile clinic service to be launched. Funded by official corporations, fully equipped vans with medical facilities set out to most rural areas. A great initiative for people who are deprived of health facilities due to expenses, location and lack of transportation. Mobile clinic operates just like a typical medical clinic by providing primary or preventive care and also urgent care. Aside from impelling as a mobile clinic, pharmacy is also made available with all sorts of medicines required for primary

Mental health clinics

The need for a mental health clinic is as equally important as any other medical clinic. There are a lot of private and public clinics which offer therapy and counselling sessions. At these clinics, professionally trained staff focuses on the diagnosis of many types of mental illness that are treated with therapy or medicine if required. Healthcare providers generally working at these clinics are psychologists, psychiatrists, and even social workers. They manage the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients, offer counselling, prescribe medication as well as help to develop a support network.

ReliveNow, both online and offline based company is a similar project which makes it easier to get mental health therapy and counselling sessions at a reasonable cost. It lets you connect with professional psychiatrists and psychologists that you find the most suitable. ReliveNow’s successful virtual clinic has opened doors to many possibilities for mental health therapy to be done online more conveniently. Ever need to find a psychiatrist online? Fill in your information at ReliveNow and sort your problem out in the most appropriate way.

Homeopathic clinics

There is a great number of homeopathic clinics in Pakistan. The homeopathic doctors work with natural remedies like herbs and minerals to treat simple diseases. They make their own medicines with small doses of these substances as it is believed to be more effective in speeding up the healing process. The clinics are often run by doctors alone however there may be assistants or nurses in some. Homeopathic clinics can get treatment done for a variety of health illnesses such as migraines, allergies, flu, nausea, depression and so on. It also provides medications for minor injuries like scrapes and bruises.

Addiction service clinics

These clinics help with patients to quit addiction and register them into rehabilitation centers if necessary. The professionally trained health workers support the patient throughout their treatment and prevent them from going back to the same state until they are fully recovered. Rehab clinics, like any other medical clinic, operates for patients who are badly affected by substance abuse and are not able to pay for their treatment. Many clinics in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore are popular for their promising treatment of addiction. As the recovery requires the patient’s will power, some clinics have psychologists available to clear the mind and convince them.

Maternity clinics

Maternity clinic offers care and services for mothers during their pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. Doctors and other professionals keep in check the process while monitoring various issues. They make sure a mother’s health is well maintained and prevent any risk of heart diseases. Although there has been many difficulties during the pandemic as the world went into the lockdown, maternity clinics also launched their services online making things much easier.

Diet clinics

Diet and nutrition clinics all around Pakistan consist of dieticians and clinical nutritionists which offer dietary consultation to outpatients. There are various programs that manage weight loss, daily diet intake, and weekly diet plans. The staff helps the patient with the best approach towards healthy lifestyle without gaining weight again. Many dieticians work online which turned out to be effective during lockdowns.

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