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You Matter ! Relivenow’s Multiplier Effect – Akhuwat Foundation and NJV School

For eliminating the taboo associated with mental health, it was important to impact the community through awareness sessions which would help the masses to understand the importance of professional help for mental health issues.

Therefore, in October 2018 on account of World Mental Health Day, Relivenow decided to give back to the community particularly to the future of our nation, the students. We hosted two sessions in collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation at NJV Government School.

The 200+ students really impressed us with their level of participation and their understanding of Mental Health. These sessions also included free psychological assessments of 100 individuals including students and teachers.

The students included both male and female students and this session was moving Relivenow one step forward in raising awareness amongst the future generation of leaders, homemakers, and employees to develop a society free from the mental health taboo.

Students participated enthusiastically in the activities that we had for them and promised to share their learning with their friends and family. In turn, we influenced not only 200 individual students, but also reached their families through them.

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