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Psychiatrist Consultation

Do I need a Psychiatrist? 

The terms “mental illness”, “mentally unstable” and similar have negative connotations attached to them. The stigma attached to mental illness often scares the people who want to do something about it. 


Unfortunately, mental illness is pretty common, nearly a fifth of the population is suffering from some form of mental disorder.  Anxiety, depression, and disorders of similar kinds can be a result of high stress and chemical imbalance. 


People who are going through mental illness require a professional psychiatric evaluation. A psychiatrist can help determine the cause of the mental illness and provide necessary treatment, along with prescribing medications that ensure a fast recovery. 


WHO claims that 85% of people with middle-class income do not seek help for mental illness treatment. A lot of people do not feel comfortable seeking professional help for their mental illness. They often feel embarrassed to visit a doctor or tell someone that they want to see a psychiatrist. 



Being able to recognize your own symptoms or of your loved ones that require psychiatric services is a tough task. However, some common symptoms and personal evaluation help. 


Inability to control emotions: Everyone feels sad, angry, and irritable at one point or another. However when some feel excessive emotions and they feel unable to manage or control them then it is an indication to consult a mental health professional. 


Change in sleeping patterns: Sleep can tell a lot about one's mental health. People suffering from mental illness often find it hard to fall asleep or have excessive sleep patterns.

Substance Use: People struggling with mental illness often indulge in substance abuse to numb their pain and bring happiness which is short-lived. However, it can lead to addiction and can overtime worsen the symptoms. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use then with psychiatrist consultation they can be treated.


Withdrawals from a social situation: A person suffering from anxiety or depression may avoid social interaction. This can also lead to an inability to control emotions. 


Temper Tantrums or Nightmares:  According to the researchers of Washington University, School of Medicine in St.Louis, certain temper tantrums in children can indicate serious emotional and behavioral problems. If a child experiences frequent nightmares or shows excessive temper tantrums then they may require psychiatric services.


What Does a Psychiatrist Do? 


A psychiatrist specializes in assessing and treating medical and physical symptoms. 

Often people get confused between psychologists and psychiatrists. Unlike a psychologist that treats patients with talk therapy, a psychiatrist prescribes medications and provides procedures. In addition, psychiatrists can provide urgent care for sudden mental illness.


ReliveNow offers online psychiatry sessions with professional and licensed psychiatrists who develop a management plan with the patients to treat them. 


What Treatments will I be provided with? 


A psychiatrist deals with mental health conditions that include: 


  • Illness that is complicated to diagnose. 

  • Illness that encourages suicidal thoughts and plans. 

  • Illness that isn't responsive through standard treatment. 

  • Illness that needs medication which requires a psychiatrist evaluation. 

The psychiatrist provides psychological treatment; talking therapy or psychotherapy. Other than this they are licensed in providing medication and various brain stimulation therapies. 


Why Do I Need to See an Online Psychiatrist? 

Over 15 million people in Pakistan are suffering from mental illness. Statistics show that people suffering from mental illness are increasing regularly which presents a need for the availability of online psychiatric consultations.

With our fast-moving lives taking a toll on our meant health, it is also making it hard to grab a physical appointment. Moreover, those who suffer from mental illness feel uninterested to step out of their house, let alone make an appointment and physically travel to see a psychiatrist in person. If you are experiencing something similar then taking an online psychiatrist's help can be more beneficial for your treatment.


Instead of making the whole process overwhelming as it is in an in-person psychiatric session, with ReliveNow you can choose methods that bring comfort to you. 

What will an Online Psychiatrist session include?


Online psychiatric help includes a discussion of the mental and physical history of the patient with the most suitable professional psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will talk to you about your reasons for the appointment, symptoms, and more. All of these inquiries are part of the psychiatrist evaluation. 


At ReliveNow we offer our patients the opportunity to choose the psychiatrist from our directory that matches their needs the most. We aim to provide high-quality psychiatry sessions to ensure potential diagnosis and guidance for long-term recovery for the patients that require psychiatrist help. 

to start with YOUR journey towards a better life! 

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