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Terms and Conditions 

Relivenow is an online counseling service platform that connects people to mental health professionals for teletherapy and telepsychiatry services..  By selecting an option below you can agree or disagree to utilize our platform to get online sessions. 

An evaluation is conducted that will last from 4-6 sessions. During this time, the client and the psychologist can both decide if they are well-matched to help the client reach their treatment goals. In case the client is not satisfied, they can request a change of psychologist from Relivenow. Relivenow is not responsible for the treatment received and its effectiveness. 

By entering therapy, the client will be working on changing difficulties experienced. As the client work to resolve problems and conflicts the client may experience discomfort and increased conflict. There may also be unintended changes in the client's relationship with others and themselves. The client will be provided with support and strategies to deal with these issues as they come up, and it is important for the client to convey their feelings of discomfort to their therapist so as to facilitate the therapeutic process.  

In order to have a successful therapeutic relationship, it is important to have clear policies and guidelines, please review the following guidelines carefully and thoroughly. In case of queries please contact the Relivenow team and they will respond within 24 hours. 


1. CONSISTENCY/FREQUENCY: Therapy is more effective when a client attends sessions in a consistent manner. The number of sessions held per week depends on a client's diagnosis and the psychologist's preference. Each therapy/counseling session will generally be of 60 minutes which is recommended for effective progress and growth. Each telepsychiatry session will last for 30 minutes. 

The frequency of sessions may be reevaluated during times of crisis, as well as when it is mutually decided and clinically relevant to either increase or decrease the frequency of the client's session.

2. CONFIDENTIALITY:  All information disclosed by the client in therapy or during testing is maintained in strict confidence and documents pertaining to the client's treatment will not be released to other parties without the clients' consent, except when mandated by ethical guidelines (for e.g. suspected child or elderly abuse, intent to harm yourself or another person). 

Ethical and professional guidelines require that mental health professionals seek consultation with other professionals/supervisors, in order to ensure that sound clinical judgment is used when providing services to clients. When utilizing consultants or a supervisor, your counselor will not reveal your identity or any identifying information. The only information discussed will be that information that is important to explore when making clinical decisions. The client's case will not be discussed with a consultant unless there is a compelling reason to obtain professional guidance. All professionals used as supervisors or consultants are bound by the same laws and ethics regarding privacy and confidentiality

3. APPOINTMENT: Relivenow caters to appointments only. A client is required to book a mental health professional at least 24 hours before they want their session to be conducted. Relivenow reserves the right to reschedule a session with the consent of the client and psychologist in case of an emergency. 

It is necessary for the client to show up for their appointment at the scheduled time. If a client does not show up on time, the psychologist can end the session at the pre-arranged time so as not to encroach on the next client’s time. No refund requests will be entertained in this case. 

In case you miss your appointment please try to reschedule the appointment within the same week (recommended in some cases), and if another slot is available. 

4. PAYMENT: This is a prepaid service only. Full payment for the session must be made before the appointment is booked. Sessions will only be conducted once full payment has been received and verified. 
Once the client has registered, bank account details will be shared with them where they are required to transfer the payment and are required to send proof of payment. 

All payments will be made in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) only. 

As a client, you are allowed to reschedule your session once.  In case of a last-minute cancellation or reschedule you will be charged fully for the session missed and will be required to make a new payment for the next session.

We do not refund after the session has been conducted. However, if you have made a payment and require a refund please send in your request at The request will be processed and you will be refunded within 30-45 days of the request. 

All the payments MUST  be made and proof should be shared with the team at least 24 hours prior to the session. Last-minute payments will not be accepted and would lead to a cancellation of the appointment. If the client fails to make the payment within the given timeline, their slot will be given to the next client in waiting and no changes will be made after that. 

 In the case of psychological testing, reports will not be released until payment for the evaluation is made in full.

 The following tips may be useful to make your sessions more effective: 

•    A Zoom link will be provided to you once the payment is made. 
•    It is preferable to use a laptop or PC for the appointment as that will help the professional assess you better.
•    Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection and a backup to carry out the session smoothly. 
•    In case of a power outage, please have a backup ready to continue the session smoothly. Relivenow will not be responsible to compensate for the lost time. 
•    Before the session finds a private space free of distractions and potential interruptions. The appointed psychologist will call you at the appointed time.
•    Give yourself 5-10 minutes on either side of the call to prepare for the session and after, to transition into your regular day.
•    For best sound quality a headset with a microphone is better than using a built-in microphone and speakers. 
•    If you have phones, alarms, or a radio please turn them off or put them in silent mode before the session.
•    Personally requesting for contact details of the professional that you are working with is not allowed. 
•    Contacting the professional outside the appointment time is not allowed. 

In case of severe technical problems, that may interrupt or degrade the quality of sessions. I reserve the right to terminate any session in which I feel that communication quality is inadequate. I will issue a refund for the unused portion of a session should this happen.

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