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Therapy & Counselling

(Psychologist Consultation)

First, let's talk about selfcare..

The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is self-care. Self care comes in many ways. Those who want to focus on a happier, contended, and healthy outlook to life need to opt for different ways of self-care. 


Self care is often defined as the efforts you put into improving your mental and physical well-being. However, in reality, a lot of us neglect working towards our emotional and mental health. 


To achieve true self care it is important to be deliberate and conscious in your approach. And to build these aspects as the leading factors for a healthy lifestyle it is important to prioritize self care over everything.


Selfcare encourages you to have a purpose - to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


If you have not prioritized self care in your lifestyle then you need to start doing it from today. 


With ReliveNow you will be introduced to a library of evidence-based therapy sessions with the best psychologists online. With high therapy skills and techniques, you will be part of the process designed to bring an everlasting change in you and your lifestyle. Learn more about what our services are and how they can impact your life in ways you had not imagined before.

Which type of Counselling should I look for?

To help you identify the self-loathing behaviors and also to break free from the self-defeating patterns, we need to know more about your requirements. 


  • Depression - People suffering from depression always find themselves surrounded by a dark shadow. Fortunately, even the most severe depression cases can be treated through efficient therapy and counseling.

  • Anxiety - Obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, incapacitating phobia or unrelenting worries can cause people to live with fear and anxiety. Through therapy and counseling anxiety can be effectively treated.

  • Relationship Counselling - Couple counseling helps the partners have some time and space to reflect on their behavior. This also helps them gain new perspectives about each other.

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse - One of the most complex areas of mental health disorders comes from addiction or dependence on substances. Mental health professionals can help substance abusers in overcoming their addictions.

  • Personality Disorder - People suffering from various personality disorders can seek guidance from professionals at ReliveNow to break free from self-sabotaging behaviors.

Psychological disorders can come in many shades. Not only do these disorders affect your personal life but sometimes your behavior can impact how you deal with your professional matters. 


Keeping the approach and perspective around disorders of such type in mind, we at ReliveNow have made the process easier for those who want to get in touch with the professionals to get back on the healthier track. 


The online counseling services require an online appointment which is followed by online therapies that can make the whole process a lot more seamless for the patients as well as the professionals. 

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Psychotherapy, also defined as talking therapy, counseling, or simply therapy, helps people battling with mental health issues find the solution to their emotional challenges or mental health disorders. 


Research has proven that online therapies are effective for treating depression, anxiety, and trauma. Research has also found that there is no difference in patient satisfaction when we compare in-person and online counseling. In fact, the mood, method of receiving therapy, and the number of sessions are the common factors that can put an influence on the result of therapies. 


On the other hand, the flexible nature of online talking therapies has benefited the clients and even the providers who are approaching the growing demand for online therapies. 


Hear from our client: 


​"I had no idea that therapy would change my life this much. I'm so grateful to finally have someone who understands me, encourages me, and is there for me."  

How To Know If I Need Online Therapy Services?

Mental health issues are becoming common but due to lack of information, many of us are still unaware of the common mental disorders and their symptoms. Due to the neglect and limitations over such topics, it is hard for people to know when they need to break free from self-medication and seek professional help. 


Following are some of the common emotional feelings that people struggling with mental disorders can go through. If you feel any of these emotions to an extent that they start affecting your personal and professional life then therapy can help you manage them. 


Overwhelm: If you are feeling that you have too much on your plate and are feeling stressed and overwhelmed because of this then you need to seek therapy. Excessive stress and overwhelm can lead to serious mental health issues. 


Fatigue: The physical symptoms can also lead to serious mental health issues. Fatigue can cause you to sleep excessively and also make it difficult to get out of bed at all. 


Anger, disproportionate range, or resentment: It is okay to feel angry sometimes, we all do. However, if the range, anger, and resentment have grown to the point that it has become harmful for you and others then gain professional guidance as it can help you deal with the issues. 


Agoraphobia: Agoraphobia is an emotional state where people fear stepping out in a place where they might experience a panic attack or be trapped. 


Anxious: Being worried about things is normal. But if a significant part of your day revolves about worrying over thighs in your life then professional virtual therapy can help you deal with it. 


Apathy: By losing interest in the usual activities, people around you, the world around you, or life in general, indicates issues like depression and anxiety. 


Other than this feeling hopeless, emotionally drained, or feeling socially withdrawn are some other common symptoms that tell you to seek professional help. 


However, if you are having difficulty in catching your symptoms you can always get in touch with ReliveNow to have a better understanding of whether you need a professional virtual therapist. 

How Can ReliveNow Help Me? 

In Pakistan, mental health is one of the most easily neglected sectors. . Over 14 million people in the country are suffering from mild to moderate psychiatric illness. Unfortunately, most of such cases are not even addressed let alone be treated. 


At ReliveNow the aim is to create a platform that not only provides ease to patients struggling with mental health issues but also creates virtual families that rise and shine together. 


With over 25 professional psychologists and psychiatrists the virtual mental health is dealt with required supervision. 


All you need to do is use your email address to sign up. Once you are done signing up, you can choose the professional that suits your needs from our directory. 


You can then book a session and confirm your appointment to get started with your mental health journey.

to start with YOUR journey towards a better life! 

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